rice varieties
photograph of a basmati rice

rice varieties

This page documents the principal rice varieties available in Australia, and their uses. In addition, there are a number of less common varieties, such as wild rice and glutinous rice, which are available from specialised suppliers. The rices are categorised by their grain length. The short-grained rices tend to be sticky, while the longer grain rices separate and are less starchy.

short-grained rice

These rices are also known as "Japonica" rices.

japanese style

A softer rice used in Japanese cuisine.


A soft sticky cooking rice used in puddings and desserts.

Australian name types

Koshihikari (well suited to sushi), Opus

medium-grained rice


A soft cooking rice with adaptable quality.


A soft cooking chalky rice used in risotto, dolmades and paella; the grain absorbs the added flavours of the dish

Australian name types

Amaroo, Reiziq, Quest, Jarrah

long-grained rice

These rices are also known as "Indica" rices.


Australian Style: suited to savoury cuisine; firmer cooking: readily retains separateness of grains when cooked; suited to savoury foods.

Jasmine style

Long grain quality with jasmine style fragrance; suited to Thai style cuisine.

Basmati style

A fragrant aroma that elongates on cooking; suited to Indian /Pakistani cuisine.

Australian name types

Langi, Doongara (low Glycaemic Index, good everyday variety), Kyeema