olive oil classification
photograph of barfold olive oils

olive oil classification

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The finest quality olive oil. The oil must be extracted by physical means only, must have excellent taste & aroma, determined by an organoleptic score of 6.5 or greater. Free fatty acid level of not more than 0.8%.
Virgin Olive Oil
A slightly lower classification; organoleptic score of at least 5.5. with maximum 2% acidity
Refined Olive Oil
Refined oils as the name suggests are olive oils of inferior quality that have been subjected to chemical processes such as gum extraction (the application of mineral acids to aid in the removal of acidity from the oil), neutralisation (the addition of a strong alkali to remove excess free fatty acids), decolourisation (heating the oil and using clay or activated carbon to lighten the oil colour), treating with superheated steam under a vacuum).
Pure Olive Oil
Usually a blend of refined olive oil with virgin or extra-virgin oil.
Light or Extra-Light Olive Oil
The "light" refers to colour or taste.
Pomace Oil
A low grade oil taken from the final waste pump, normally solvent/chemically extracted and used for cooking.
Lampante Oil
A very low-grade oil with acidity over 3.3%, suitable for burning in lamps
Cold pressed / cold extracted
A natural process of extracting olive oil by applying mechanical pressure to olive paste at a temperature of less than 25°C