food information
photograph of vegetable tempura

food information

calculate your BMI
Calculate your body mass index. Body mass index (or BMI) is a measure of the ratio of your weight to your height and is a general indicator of whether your weight is in the desirable range.
food additives (e-codes)
This page presents a comprehensive list of food additive, colourant and preservative codes. For each additive, the e-code, chemical name and description is given as well as a detailed (external) reference database. Where a food additive might be made from animal products, a list of non-vegetarian food additives with description of how the food additive is produced.
food terms
This page presents food terms describing vegetables, cereals, flour, fruit, nuts in English, French, Portuguese and Italian.
nutritional information database
This nutritional information database is an extensive database with detailed information on the nutrient qualities of over 7000 foods,
olive oil classifications
This page presents the classification of olive oils, from "extra-virgin" through to "lampante" quality.
potato varieties
This page explores the characteristics of some of the potato varieties grown in Australia. There are about 4000 potato varieties; in Australia about 66 of these varieties are commercially grown.
water use
This page provides information on the water use of 18 diverse products, from beef and tomatoes through to shoes and t-shirts.