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At Zabalu we have tried to maximise accessibility of the site for visitors who are using specialised user agents, whether due to disability of preference. The overall design attempts to follow accessibility good practice, especially in terms of layout design. Specific topics are discussed below.

layout design

The layout of the site is controlled by Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Tables are used only to present tabular data, not for layout purposes. Once you sign up as a member at zabalu, you can select from a range of different cascading style sheets which we have prepared, including a high-legibility style sheet.

resizable text

Text at the zabalu website is resizable, by adjusting your browser's text size. In Internet Explorer, for example, this is altered via the View | Text Size menu item.

scripting languages

The menu system is written in CSS and makes no use of scripting languages. Minor use is made of Javascript for some interactions, but the site can be effectively navigated without it.

access keys

Access keys are provided on each page to allow access to the main areas of the site using just the keyboard. You can see the assignment of access keys to site areas by the bolding of letters in the bottom menu. These are assigned as follows:
access key site area
H home
A about us
Z my Zabalu
F food information
P produce
R restaurants
L links
U contact us
D advertise
V privacy policy
C copyright
O colophon
B bookmark this page
To make use of an access key in Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape, hold down the "Alt" key and press the access key; this will highlight the required lin; in Microsoft Internet Explorer you must also press the "Enter" key to visit that link.
For Macintosh Safari, Firefox, Netscape or Explorer, hold down the "Control" key and press the access key.

site engineering

Site engineering is by